Dark Eldar Wracks and Grotesque photos posted

Leaked photos of the 40K Dark Eldar Wracks and Grotesques have been posted online. No word on what material these figures will be made from.

Update: these photos were originally posted by InHuman-BitZ-BoX. The originals as well as a few photos of some of the sprues for the Finecast range are available on his Facebook page.

  • I hoping for plastic but my gut say metal given the component repetition. I hope I’m wrong, fingers crossed.

    The Wracks I like. The pose gives the impression of them quietly marching towards your lines. I’m not keen on the grotesques as IMO they don’t really inspire the horror they could have. Given their size and “eye-catchy-ness” A full unit of effectively the same sculpt would not be … great. For some reason my brain has linked them to the Ogre Gorgers.

    Obviously all bets are off until they’re seen in person.

  • they look quite nice, the grotesques look a bit “samey” pose wise and if they are metal/”finecast” I’d guess at about 10-12 quid a pop

    mix in some cyrx overlords and jobs a good un!

  • Riquende

    They remind me very much of Rackham’s Alchemists, the Wracks moreso.

    • Myrthe

      That was my first thought as well. Especially looking at the new Talos and other engine thing.

      I find it pathetically ironic that the company that is notorious for “protecting” it’s IP is “inspired” by another’s (Rackham’s) enough to use very similar themes. It’s also convenient for GW that Rackham no longer exists. Too bad … it would be interesting to see them send a C&D to the chief abusers of C&Ds.

      I suppose that this is just the most recent example of “assimilation” of external design ideas into the “GW Hobby” (i.e. “Aliens” spawned Genestealers/Tyranids, etc.)

      • PanzerKraken

        Nothing breaking IP here. Rackham would have no basis either for a C&D unless GW was actually copying copyrighting iconography or elements. Something looking similar is not basis for anything.

        • Myrthe

          Agreed … but isn’t that how GW operates? “If it is similar it must be crushed”. Hey, they just C&D’d a company that put out a Lamassu and that is a 3000 year old mythological creature from Babylonia. And GW no longer even offers a Lamassu model.

          Anyway, my point wasn’t about C&Ds, per se, but that GW, who is always so quick to cry “foul”, has just done the same thing they accuse (adn abuse) other, smaller companies of doing. “People in glass houses” and all …

  • As one of the former Dirz sculptors for Rackham, I have to second PanzerKraken.
    This new batch may share some graphic similarities, but this is not plagiarism to me either.

    • Myrthe

      Please, I’m not calling out GW for “plagiarism” or copyright infringement. I only cited a similar style and design theme … things they notoriously get up in arms about.

      I’m sorry if my comments seemed inflammatory. I didn’t intend to derail this “New Release” thread into another GW vs “X” or “X” vs GW thread. I was making an observation and a comment on the irony of it.

      Moving on, Bobaxur, let me personally thank you for your work on the Dirz. I LOVE those models and have a massive collection in metal and pre-painted plastic. I think it was their uniqueness that appealed to me from the start. I hope you get to showcase your talents elsewhere.