Dark Age releases GroundWerks Graveyard Inserts

40mm Graveyard insertsDark Age Games have released a new series of GroundWerks bases inserts – Graveyard Inserts.

  • DAG9318 – Graveyard Inserts 30mm (3) – USD $14.99
  • DAG9418 – Graveyard Inserts 40mm (2) – USD $12.99
  • DAG9518 – Graveyard Inserts 40mm (1) – USD $7.99
  • blkdymnd

    Wow, kinda spendy for inserts. Wyrd gives you 5 30mm for that price.

  • Veritas

    Yea, but this is more like buying a set of Wyrd inserts AND the accessory kit for that base series.

    • blkdymnd

      naw, I see them as being pretty comparable. Mine look similar and I didn’t buy the accessory pack. And I do agree, at least on the wyrd inserts, you have a spot to put the mini.

    • Zac

      What he said. There is a lot of material on the bases and a lot of detail

  • Borzag

    Ok call me silly, but….. how are you supposed to put minis on these?

  • bj

    The grave markers are movable. So it is possible to position them to accomodate minis. Also being resin you can hack the gravestones or position them to be lying down or broken, etc.