Dark Age previews some art from the new Kukulkani faction

Dark Age is getting a new faction in Ravage magazine and they’re showing off some artwork for who’s going to be in there.

From the preview:

With the dawn of the new army coming to Dark Age, the Kukulkani, there has been a lot of buzz running around the forums and facebook about what sorts of things the army has at its disposal. We at Dark Age have decided to put together this preview of three of our favorites…

  • green_lumux

    I’m REALLY excited for these. I was hoping they would preview some of the sculpts.

    I don’t play Dark Age, and I have no experience with the system at all, but I want to get this faction. That is entirely depending on how the sculpts turn out however…

  • jahatch28

    If there is one thing Dark Age usually is really good at it is matching the sculpts to the artwork… occasionally I think sometimes the sculpts suffer if the detail is too small and doesn’t translate well to minis, and some of the weapons and such look really cool on artwork and then only so-so when scaled down, but I have come to really like how accurate and reliable they are when releasing the sculpts… and these guys do look pretty neat.. .maybe I’ll have to get back to Dark Age after being away for a few years…

  • airhead

    I wish they make all there miniatures in the plastic that Mongo is made of. I was swept away by the detail and the sculpt. The older and metal miniatures is not that great, but i hope the new Core that i ordered will be stunning ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • green_lumux

    is it weird that I keep wishing they’d make multipart plastic kits for them?

    That’s the one thing I have always liked about GW that i wish other companies picked up on more often… option options options. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • green_lumux

    Dark Age mentioned in the comments that we can expect more info on the 21st of December. How very clever! ๐Ÿ˜€