Dark Age Games previews Dragyri Hailkin

Dark Age Games posts a preview of the sculpted Dragyri Hailkin on their forums.

From their preview:

With the imminent release of the Hailkins, I want to give you guys a taste of this great unit. From Concept art, to sculpting.We went all out to make sure this unit will make you proud on the battlefield. They should be available in our February release in both pewter and blue clear resin.

  • GhedJennar

    I don’t play that game but damn those models look awesome. Definitely look like good proxies for Feralgeist.

  • Magno

    Damn those are amazing! Glada to see Dark Age is releasing new sculpts.

  • lordofexcess

    They look 90% like tyranid raveners … back in the old days GW would probably issue a cease and desist letter. These days … A-OK! Woot! No but seriously they are pretty models!!

    • Sergus

      Interesting, because these concepts are older than Tyranid Raveners XD