Dark Age Games December releases

Dark Age Games has posted up their December Releases, which includes new releases and re-releases.

From their announcement:

11 new releases from Dark Age Games.

DAG1005 Bounty Hunter Lucky
DAG1006 Bounty Hunter Cesspool
DAG3001 Skarrd The Father
DAG3002 Skarrd Grafter
DAG3301 Skarrd Father Mayhem
DAG3303 Skarrd Keepsake
DAG5101 Outcast Hoj, Warlord of Samaria
DAG5102 Outcast Manhunter
DAG5103 Outcast Brute #1
DAG5104 Outcast Mongo
DAG5105 Outcast Wasteland Warriors

  • supervike

    I’ve been meaning to get Mongo for some time… Such a cool figure.

  • blkdymnd

    Haven’t played Dark Age in years, but I do love the Mongo mini, that’s fantastic.

  • TomasT

    This game is all over the place. Has anyone played it? Is it any good?

    Some of the minis are really cool.

    • Repeter

      The game plays quite smoothly–I love the action point system, as it allows one’s models a lot of tactical choices. The setting is one of my favorites in any game I’ve come across too.

    • Vaxillus

      I’ve been on board with it for some time, though in all honesty I haven’t played much of anything recently. It’s been through a couple of rules revisions, and this one really solves most of the issues the game had. It’s a fast paced game where things die really fast. Force building is important, but it’s much less of a combo game and you have to adapt to the situation as the game plays rather than being locked into a single strategy. In other words, expect a lot of chaos, but of the variety you can influence heavily. I think there are quickstart rules up on the site somewhere, worth giving a read.

  • kelmor

    We are just getting it started locally. I have played 3 games. Best parallel I can think of is that it really reminds me of Warmachine back when Escalation launched.

  • KelRiever

    I tried it at GenCon 2007, I think. Its really as good a game as any other you are going to pick up off the shelf at your game store. Personally, I like the figures and idea of the game. If you are getting into an ever expanding miniature game with regular blister releases, I’d rather play this than Uncharted Seas or Malifaux. The personal preference is also influenced by the Brom art that inspired the minis.