Dark Age Games Announces November Releases

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Oct 24th, 2011

Dark Age Games announces their November releases:

From their announcement:

November begins a cycle of brand new releases and re-releases for Dark Age. In November we will release the miniatures of the much anticipated Saint Luke and the re-release of Units from the Air Caste. Both Forces are brand new Forces released in Dark Age: Apocalypse, Forcelists. These fine products can be ordered direct through Dark Age Games or through your Favorite Local Gaming store via major distributors. Expect something new and some of your old favorites each month, each re-release includes the new cards for Dark Age Second Edition.

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  • Repeter


  • I own Blades; he’s awesome! I always thought he’d make a great Miles O’Keefe miniature.

  • Veritas

    Luke is pretty awesome looking. Is he supposed to be a cyborg or something? I haven’t been actively following the game for a while, but the revised books are tempting me.

    • bj

      No one knows what Luke is, this much is certain he rose from the dead and it’s anyone’s guess whether he is a demon, monster, or resurrected by God’s power. The Prevailers fear his power more than they did before, when they tried to have him killed. In reality his death was staged, but he isn’t telling anyone that!

  • Veritas

    Well, I caved and ordered the revised rules and forcelist books from Maelstrom. Lucky I got the last copies of each they had in stock!

    • Repeter

      Dude, wait’ll you get ahold of the Forcelists book. The thing is a tome of gorgeous artwork and wild stories. I’ve been toting it around everywhere for a couple weeks now…