D6 Generation Horus Heresy Interview & Review

The D6 Generation have posted the latest episode of their podcast.

From their announcement:

Episode 55 is a mega-sode. The topic of WH40K Horus Heresy just screamed for extra time to do it justice.

But first there is the matter of a contest to resolve. Listen along with the D6G team as we review the top audio entries in our “Please can I have a copy of Runewars” contest.

After that, it’s off to Games Workshop’s world of Warhammer 40,000. Or is it 30,000? Anyway … Join us as we explore the details of the new game from Fantasy Flight Games with none-other than Jeff Tidball. Learn how Jeff came to work on the project, what were the challenges, and where did all the great ideas come from?

And finally, the big review. The boys dive deep into the innards of the Horus Heresy game. Is it worth the money? Does it capture the theme? And most importantly… is it fun?