Cyntopia up now on Kickstarter

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Oct 23rd, 2014
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Cyntopia has launched their Kickstarter campaign for their new sci-fi tabletop board game.



From the campaign:

Cyntopia is a fast-paced and action packed tabletop boardgame taking place in a dystopic future. You’ll fight huge corporations as an Edgewalker, making your living while flirting with the Edge. Will you fight or will you fall?

Cyntopia – the future is now takes place in a completely new cyberpunk universe. It features a cooperative gamemode for 1-7 players and provides everything you need for hours of fun.

The game is easy to understand, fast to play but also features enough optional rules for a more intense gaming experience for the die-hard RPG-fan. Released initially in English and German as hardcopy, the rulebook can also be downloaded in Spanish. There is something for everyone in Cyntopia.

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  • Dave

    Looks like it could be a great game but the rules are just to simple and more akin to playing snakes and ladders rather than a wargame-boardgame, but they are promising to upload more detailed rules soon.

    Also the models are a big turn-off for some as they are 40mm so incompatible to everybody’s sci-f mini’s, but if you pledge a £1 you can participate in their voting to reduce these to wargamers sizes.

    It’s early days and they are asking for a lot of money, so why not pledge now and influence the game to make it suit you.