• arcturus

    Hmm, I don’t see the 360 panorama, but there are several different angles in the photo.

    Looks really great though! That will be a cool centerpiece to storm armies, and the rules teasers sound intriguing.

    • Zac

      Weird. I thought there was one. Must have been seeing things

  • cybogoblin

    Love the art sneak peek at the bottom, and I’m a Khador player. It could easily be captioned “there can be only one”, too.

  • Endre Fodstad

    Are you guys blind or something? There is a link to the 360 right there in the text on the page.

    • Borzag

      It’s a rotation for the Mecha-Elf Grasshopper, not the Cygnar Disco-Ball of Doom. Nice try though 🙂

    • Zac

      Are you guys blind or something?

      No we just know the difference between the Cygnar and Retribution War Engines.

      • Endre Fodstad

        That is weird. When I visited the page a few minutes after it was launched, there was a link to the Cygnar 360.

        • Zac

          Then perhaps I wasn’t imagining it. I thought there was one as well. Guess they must have removed it to save it for the official preview