• TylerT

    i remember when that thing was metal and 12 dollars, and still nobody wanted to buy one

  • LaughingFerret

    This chassis could be my least favorite warjack style and the resculpt didn’t do much to improve it. Is it plastic? I’m just not seeing why the effort was made to resculpt it otherwise: it doesn’t look much different. Cygnar is the most hit & miss for me of the factions for warjacks. The inflated rounded shoulders make them look awkward to my eye. I much prefer the grenadier/hunter chassis.

    • emplion

      This isn’t a resculpt. It is just a release of the plastic model that comes in the starter box that has been out for a while.

      • Zac

        Which is a new sculpt.

  • maestro

    well why “preview” it then?

    • cybogoblin

      Because they’re going to start selling it by itself. Yeah, it’s not really a preview, but it does give them a little breathing room to get other actual previews ready.

  • Tommygun

    It’s OK, but nothing outstanding.
    A bit of a plain Jane warjack.
    Maybe it just needs more surface detail?

  • ninja007

    Saying it’s not different is a flatout falsehood. It’s so different to the original sculpture as to be a completely new thing. It’s identical to comparing King Kong in the old b&w movie to the Peter Jackson version. Yes, they are both huge, hairy apes. The similarity ends there and it’s impossible to mistake one for the other, even in the dark.

    That said, yes, it’s a “plain jane” warjack, much like most military machinery is plain jane. It’s a very common, workhorse, deliberately simple warjack with no bells and whistles, just a big gun and a melee weapon. If you want fancy or complex, look elsewhere, this one is strictly bread and butter. This is merely a substantially larger, more beefy take on the same jack, with better relief and more detail than it had.

    Now it’s rules, otoh, got a major upgrade, so if you didn’t use one before, you need to take another look, it’s a very solid little jack these days and is not simply overshadowed anymore like in mkI.