Cut through the noise to the stretch goals

Anvil Eight Games made it through 2 stretch goals in just one day. Up next, dice. We all love dice.

Alternate dice


From the update:


Kent called it. We hit two stretch goals yesterday!! Absolutely amazing. We are extremely pleased not only to include the mousepad playmat in every Starter Box (and as an add on), but also to see the community grow and grow and grow. We are a new company and there is nothing more exciting for us than to see firsthand your interest and enthusiasm for Aetherium. We cannot thank you enough for your support.

Later today, I will be updating the stretch goals to include some more goals for everyone based entirely on the number of supporters. Let’s make this community grow. Tell a friend. Tell two!

In the mean time, our next goal allows an option for custom colored dice to suit your needs. If unlocked, we will take orders for these as part of the pledge manager after the campaign has completed. Have a look: