Custom-build your own Mech

Imagimod lets you design your own, personalized mech and then have it printed out and sent to you.

Mech Maker


From the campaign:

Customize your own mechs from thousands of parts, colors, and patterns, then pose and 3D print them for endless tabletop gaming!

Tired of the same old figures from your local store? Want to unleash your very own 3D printed army into the Universe?

MECH MAKER allows you to create your own, totally unique, customized mech, and 3D print it!

  • Dr.Falkenhayn

    is there really a Market for expensive,crappy looking Me(h)chs?
    I’d better spend my Cash on cheap Gashapons or Mechwarrior Clix…

  • mathieu

    Wow, the quality on these 3d printed examples is incredibly poor. And it doesn’t seem that improving the resolution is among the goals they’ve set for themselves. Really odd.

  • Soulfinger

    Oh man, I want my mech to have those giant foam claws but painted up like it had them done at an inner city nail salon and with its arm up in a “talk to the hand” pose, because some other mech wants to fight but it’s nails aren’t dry yet. I also want the badonkadonk waist option, so other mechs will be like “DAMN!” Sadly though, I can’t seem to find a John Oates head option and these don’t appear to be scaled to where I can actually ride inside of them or dress them up in fancy clothes, which is pretty much a deal-breaker.