CSRA Gamers Association December 2010 Newsletter posted

The CSRA Gamers Association have posted their December 2010 Newsletter.

From their website:

This issue of the CSRA Gamers Association Newsletter brings us to the end of three years for the CSRA Gamers Association. We have accomplished many of our original goals. Of course, there is always room for more growth and improvement.

We have brought in a number of new gamers in every geographic area that we reach. We have new young people and adults who have discovered what a great hobby gaming is. We have seen old gamers come back to play and enjoy the hobby. Great job, everyone.

New games and game groups continue to show up and add to the mixture of universes and worlds we like to game in. We have seen RPG gamers try out tabletop and board games and we have seen hardcore wargamers check out RPG’s. It seems as if everyone has tried at least one Collectible Card Game or Living Card Game, and Magic continues to be a hit at every store in the area.

One of the brightest stars in the CSRA sky has been the integration of activity with Rob Davis’ Gaming Group. This awesome group of gamers has brought new faces and renewed enthusiasm to our Association. These guys and gals have jumped into everything from starships to WW2 armor and allowed us to have many more folks to play and have fun with. Thanks for all the great work, Rob.

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