Crystal Star Games has first preview for Battlemage

By Polar_Bear
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Mar 12th, 2012
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Crystal Star Games has the start of their previews coming. The first is a description for their Whiterock Loyalists.

From the preview:

The first warbands preview has gone up for Battlemage and describes the Whiterock Loyalists, a human force. It is live on the website now

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  • Bewulf

    While I am looking forward to learn more about Battlemage, this is the third preview annonuced here on TGN (also see and, not counting the announcement about the forums.

    Also I think the short four paragraph warband description this preview is about could have been easily included in the news, just like this:

    Whiterock Loyalists

    The town of Whiterock had always been one of the most peaceful areas on Ra’al, if any area of the world could be said to be peaceful. That changed in the year 557 when the Horde of Seven Peaks attacked. They came out of nowhere and caught the unsuspecting town off guard. The combination of goblin warriors and the goblin Battlemage’s magic almost overwhelmed the defenders within hours.

    But then a clear voice rang out over the noise of the battle, rallying the defenders of Whiterock. A new figure appeared with magic of his own; Banell the Battlemage. With his aid the people of Whiterock fought off the attack by the Horde.

    The people of Whiterock now follow Banell. Although the Battlemage promotes peace, he will lead his band out into the world to fight if needs be.

    Whiterock Loyalist warbands are made up of humans. They have some cheap troops as well as some expensive ones; there is a good mixture of mounted and foot troops, and they have some shooting at their disposal. They are a good all-round force.