Crystal Star Games gives us the first preview of Battlemage

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Feb 26th, 2012

Crystal Star Games shows off their upcoming game, Battlemage, with their first preview!

From the preview:

BATTLEMAGE is a fantasy wargame for two or more players. Each person controls a small warband of warriors, each led by a powerful Battlemage. You are fighting for power and glory, but more than that you are fighting for control of the world of Ra’al.

BATTLEMAGE is due for release soon. It will be available in pdf format from DriveThruRPG. A print version is due for release at a later date.

Keep checking back for details.

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  • Klingsor

    This sounds strangely familiar, it also sounds as if it could be great fun and I look forward to seeing it. Ideally it is not dependant on some weird looking miniatures line but allows you to use whatever you happen to have.

    • admanb

      That’s your ideal? All I want from a miniatures game is that it doesn’t suck balls.

  • keltheos

    I love it when I see this type of comment “…allows you to use whatever you happen to have.”

    Yes, a miniatures game where the game company has to depend on making its money from the rules alone and not the miniatures. Yup, that’s what every minis company wants, to go out of business – or be marginally successful financially.

  • Veritas

    ANY game can be played with whatever you have. I saw a guy play a game of 40K proxying old batteries for a space marine army. Different types of batteries for different troop types.

  • Klingsor

    It depends. If they just do the rules it works, if they do miniatures as well then yes, they have a problem.
    I do not see anything about miniatures on their web site so I might be in luck. Time to turn the excitement up another notch.

  • Crystal Star

    Hey folks,

    We won’t be releasing minis, just the rules. The aim was to make it so you could play with the stuff that you have.

  • Klingsor

    Great. One for the shopping list.
    Good luck with the project.