Crystal Brush winners posted from CMON Expo 2014

CMON Expo was one of the first places a painter could qualify for free travel to the Crystal Brush finals next year at Adepticon.
Check out the winners from the event.

1st place


From the post:

CoolMiniOrNot Expo’s second year was a blast, and with it we start down the road to Crystal Brush 2015. Here’s a quick look at the top three winners from this year’s painting competition.

Rhonda Bender took first place with her Fantasy Single entry from Minx Studio, entitled ‘Maybe I Should Have Bought Some Armor.’ She also won a plane ticket to compete at the 2015 Crystal Brush Awards in Chicago!


    I was so happy to see that she not only enjoyed painting this miniature, but won the event with it too!

    If you like this mini and wonder where it came from, you can visit:

    Minx Studios Fantasy Miniatures Kickstarter and see!

    • Markheim

      I think what you just did was awful.

      • Care to elaborate?

        • I’m curious, too.
          Because otherwise there’s no reason for that to be there.