Crystal Brush Awards Winners Announced

Well, it’s been a long road. Crystal Brush Qualifiers have been held. World-renown painters have submitted their pieces. The judges and you have had your say. It’s now time to reveal the winners for this year’s Crystal Brush Awards.
And the winners are *drumroll…….*

Young Talent
Necromancer by Milo Lemoine
Goro (Angry Horn Cat) by Alex Drescher

Best Wrath of Kings
CAGE by Sam Lenz

Best Dark Age
Michael by Frank Kahsar

Sci Fi Single
1st: Solitaire by Kirill Kanaev
2nd: Achilles by Steve Garcia
3rd: Achilles by Jaroslaw Drabek

Sci Fi Vehicle/Monster
1st: Yann’s Salvage by Justin McCoy
2nd: Mongo Gets A Boo-boo by Matt diPietro
3rd: Squalos by Frank Kahsar

Sci Fi Unit
1st: Uyuging by Steve Garcia and PanOceania by Tom Schadle
2nd: Palantine Guard by Caleb Wissenbach
3rd: Space Wolves by Jaroslaw Drabek

Fantasy Single
1st: Goldfish Dreams by Jessica Rich
2nd: Savior – Forty Years by Sam Lenz
3rd: Ur-Fildyr by Richard Eaton

Fantasy Vehicle/Monster
1st: CAGE by Sam Lenz
2nd: Gorthang the Swamp Master by Karol Rudyk
3rd: On Thin Ice by Rex Grange

Fantasy Unit
1st: Gold by Fabrizio Russo
2nd: Nurgle Plague Kings by Rich Erickson
3rd: Blood Reavers by John Margiotta

Historical Single
1st: Homecoming by Matt diPIetro
2nd: Northumbrian by David Powell
3rd: Walkin’ Boss by Alex McCutcheon

Large Scale
1st: Garrosh by Sergio Calvo Rubio
2nd: The Black Hole by Francesco Farabi
3rd: Grommash vs. Mannoroth by Fabrizio Russo

Chibi Style
1st: After Midnight by Elizabeth Beckley
2nd: Cute but Gross by Mark Maxey
3rd: Jester Michael by Proctor

1st: Atonement by Kyriakos Simos
2nd: Guardians of the North by Ben Komets
3rd: No Hope by Aaron Lovejoy

1st: Shieldmaiden by Kirill Kanaev
2nd: Medieval Tournament Knight by Ben Komets
3rd: Tywin – After the Battle by Matt Cexwish


3rd: Goldfish Dreams by Jessica Rich



2nd: Garrosh by Sergio Calvo Rubio



1st and Overall Grand Winner: Atonement by Kyriakos Simos



Congratulations to all the winners and everyone that entered. Honestly and truly, these figures are some of the greatest you will ever see. And keep an eye out to Crystal Brush for your chance to win a qualifier and get a trip to the finals.

  • Andrew Franke

    Do you know if they are going to share pictures of the other contestants that won in the categories and 2nd and 3rd place photos too? Thanks by the way.

    The work on all 3 of these is amazing.

    Is the 3rd place piece, Goldfish Dreams by Jessica Rich, a 25-32mm miniature? if so the painting on the hem of her skirt or wrap is unimaginably detailed. I could not even draw that on a flat surface let alone what she has done there.

    • odinsgrandson

      Yes- that is a 30mm Darksword mini. Jess kicks ass.

      • Andrew Franke

        Thanks. Yes she certainly does. I am wondering if any of you have read a recent post about Women being abused at conventions? It truly shocked me as most of the conventions I go to I have not seen this.

    • Links added for all the other winners.

      • Andrew Franke

        Thanks so much for all the pictures of the convention and the coverage. I really think I am going to go to Adepticon instead of Cold Wars Next Year!

        • Having never gone to Cold Wars, I wouldn’t be able to really give you a comparison between the two. This was my 2nd Adepticon (I went 3 years ago as well) and I very much enjoyed it. It has the excitement of a really huge show, like Gen Con, but still the “warm, home-y-ness” of a small show. There’s tons of things to do and see, but you don’t feel rushed and in a hurry in order to see it all.