Crystal Brush Award Winners

By Polar_Bear
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Apr 6th, 2014

Crystal Brush just wrapped up and here’s the results:

Crystal Brush 2013 Winners:

Best New Talent:
Minion Knight by Kileigh Zielinski

Best Dark Age:
Bronze: Mean Jellybean by Mike Schaefer
Silver: Blizzard Warning by James Wappel
Gold: Rise of the Cabrakan by Curtis Shoemake

Best Rivet Wars:
Silver: Allies by James Wappel
Gold: Dr. Jones by Elizabeth Beckley

Best Sculpting:
Bronze: Kogaiji by Ray Wong
Silver: Abbi by Kev White
Gold: M’dusa by Sebastian Archer

Best Science Fiction Single:
Bronze: Lord Putro by Sam Lenz
Silver: Commisar by Aaron Lovejoy
Gold: On Your Feet by Tom Ales

Best Science Fiction Squad:
Bronze: Team Creamsicle by Gullermo Hernandez
Silver: Samaratan Bug Stompers by Drew Drescher
Gold: Tohaa Trident by Tom Schadle

Best Science Fiction Vehicle/Monster
Bronze: Asuke Kisaragi by Tom Schadle
Silver: Jet Bike by Marc Raley
Gold: Emperor’s Children Contemptor Dreadnaught by Damon Drescher

Best Fantasy/Steampunk Single
Bronze: Bill Psyches by Sebastian Archer
Silver: Random Encounter by Enrique Velasco
Gold: Kraken’s Mistress by Marike Reimer

Best Fantasy/Steampunk Squad
Bronze: The Ride of the Light Brigade by James Wappel
Silver: Strohm Cevalier by Mike Schaefer
Gold: Death Marshals by Sam Lenz

Best Fantasy Vechicle/Monster
Bronze: Skaven Vermin Lord by Rich Erickson
Silver: Pseusenne’s Pride by James Wappel
Gold: Son of Ogimos by Sam Lenz

Best Historical Single
Bronze: Dak Commander by Justin McCoy
Silver: Banzai! by Mars
Gold: British Courier on Motorcycle by Frank Kahsar

Best Historical Squad:
Bronze: Kings Germann Legin At Waterloo by Rober Chandler
Silver: Vikings by Dave Manganaro
Gold: We Shall Prevail by Wade Piche

Best Historical Vehicle:
Bonze: Sherman M4A3 by Rob Chandler
Silver: Selien Sie Die Wagon by Tom Ales
Gold: 1966 Olds 442 by Justin McCoy

Best Large Scale 54mm+:
Bronze: Fire Giantess by Michelle Blasteubrei
Silver: Jungle Drums by Matt DiPietro
Gold: Magneto by Meg Maples

Best Diorama:
Bronze: Enchantress by Jeramie Bonamant
Silver: Steampunk Arielle by Marike Reimer
Gold: Work Hard, Have Fun by Enrique Vezasco Sanchez

Best Overall:
Bronze: Enchantress by Jeramie Bonamant
Silver: Work Hard, Have Fun by Enrique Velasco Sanchez
Gold: Kraken’s Mistress by Marike Reimer

Congratulations to all the winners.
Photos from the event will be posted soon. Stay tuned.

This is Polar_Bear signing out from Adepticon 2014. Thanks everyone for a great show and I’ll see you at PAX East next weekend in Boston!

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  • mathieu

    I’m surprised the high prize doesn’t attract more of the high-level European painters.

  • luckyb0y

    So by implication the winners aren’t high-level or not European? I see plenty of European painters there so it must be the other thing, right… I’m sure that is not what you are trying to say.

    • KelRiever

      Wow, you seem sensitive.

      I haven’t really been impressed by most painting competitions, though I absolutely appreciate the art that gets produced out of them in general. Even having attended some live, I find judging to be rather…incongruous? More often than not, I’m impressed by a figure that either doesn’t place or doesn’t win in its category. Cash awards like Crystal Brush often seem to garner the least creative, as less entries take risk in lieu of trying to appeal to what they think everybody wants to see to win. And on that note, there does seem to be some bias that goes beyond painting technique; judges seem to want entries to look like previous winners, or the work of painters they know.

      This is in all art, frankly, and there’s not much point in coming down on Crystal Brush or other painting competitions for it. The nice thing about art that is purchased through the public…such as movies and music, is that people don’t necessarily give any creedance to critics and judges…they just purchase what they like. And if something is liked enough, then it really doesn’t matter what some critic or judge says. It isn’t going to happen in one-off miniature competitions, though, so I’m simply disappointed.

      But again, the good news is the entries. Particularly those that did NOT place. It is enjoyable to see what people are doing out there when they put a lot of effort into it. And those that take the biggest risks and are the most original are the ones I enjoy the most, even if they don’t win.

      • Hmm… 50% of the votes are from gallery users and not judges unless I misread the rules of Crystal Brush.

        Also while I get your point and I ideally would like to agree – what sells is by no means any indication of quality going by your own choice of likeness to the movie medium and music. That said I don’t really appreciate Acadamy Award winners either. There is a very stale and standardised formula for those and while they are good they are never great. I think perhaps you meant that art in the end is personal; while that may be true it also has quantifiable values (Too big of a discussion to fit here, but sales, flavour of the month, brand/name, technical prowess, quality) that are more obvious than allegorical values or ones that only apply to you personally…

        I still think we agree on principle 😀 I think the deal with this was how few entrants there seemed to be. Basically all pro and those who weren’t were “obviously not” in that sense. The one piece I truly loved was “Enchantress” (that fairy on a horse diorama that traveled through seasons). While there were many really good paintjobs (like you say) there wasn’t much else that was awe inspiring or moving or new as such.

        Looking at the winners from what was entered I’d say yeah – looks about right. Except Enchantress should have been the overall number 1 😀

      • luckyb0y

        Sensitive? I’m not an entrant so don’t care in the least, I’m just pointing out that in my opinion the standard of painting was exceptional, though like you I don’t agree with final placing. But seeing something like Enchantress and not being impressed? Bah!

        • KelRiever

          @basementdweller, yeah.

          re: Enchantress, that WAS impressive, AND is exactly what I am talking about.

          I don’t know where ‘not’ impressed came from in regards to enchantress, but it really should, imo, been placed as 1st or 2nd overall. Not 3rd. Going by the photos which of course is flawed. There might have been some technical reason not shown. But even with photos, I’m going to say there were some errors in judgement…

    • mathieu

      The winners are definitely of very high caliber, but in my opinion the overall level is far from “exceptional” as you put it. There’s a very steep drop in every category between the quality of the pieces at the first places (sometimes even at the very first place) and that of the next ones.

      The top painters on CMoN are overwhelmingly European, and it’s been like that for just about as long as CMoN existed. Same on P&P. Even Marike Reimer who came overall first here and truly is an amazing painter is just shy of the top 50 on CMoN. Which definitely doesn’t mean a whole lot, but is at least an indication of how incredible some painters are…

      There really is no question about what would happen to the overall level of a Crystal Brush-type event if high-level painters from all over Europe made the trip. And I’d have assumed that the $10k prize would be incentive enough. Yet it obviously isn’t, hence my surprise.

  • Soulfinger

    Maybe it exists already, but I’d kind of like to see an award category for hobbyist painters that excludes professionals and past award winners. I know there is always a youth category, but I mean something kind of like a Minor League. It’s amazing to see what this segment of painters can accomplish, but competing against them is like going to karaoke night with KISS. While you’re struggling through Girl From Ipanema, they are shooting off rockets, stomping around in their dragon boots, and thrashing out riffs until their guitars smoke. I expect that we’re missing out on seeing a lot of great conversions and paint jobs from people are too intimidated to enter.

    • Pentrago

      Great description! I have to admit that I feel like that too.

  • Flights from the uk are £600 – £700 + which could have a factor. I know it has for me in the past

    • Soulfinger

      AGH! For that much, just stay at home and start a Forge World army.