Crystal Brush 2015 Award Winners

By Jared Miller
Mar 22nd, 2015

On Sunday, March 22 at Adepticon 2015, painters and fans of the hobby gathered around for the fifth annual Crystal Brush Awards. The first place winner walked away with $10,000, second with $2,000 and third with $1,000. Doing what you love can really pay off! So who won big? Check out the winners after the break.

Best Wrath of Kings:

Gold – Frank Kahsar

Best Dark Age:

Gold – Mary Profitt

Silver- Sam Lenz

Bronze – Katie Martin

Best Science Fiction Single Figure:

Gold – Sam Lenz

Silver – Drew Drescher

Bronze – Katie Martin

Best Science Fiction Unit:

Gold – Adam Huenecke

Silver – John Margiotta

Bronze – Katie Martin

Best Science Fiction Vehicle or Monster:

Gold – Tom Ales

Silver – Damon Drescher

Bronze – Justin McCoy

Best Fantasy Single Figure:

Gold – Sam Lenz

Silver – Ben Komets

Bronze – Katie Martin

Best Fantasy Unit:

Gold – Sam Lenz

Silver – Joe Orteza

Bronze – Marcin Ignasiak

Best Fantasy Vehicle or Monster:

Gold –  James Wappel

Silver – Elizabeth Beckley

Bronze – Marcin Ignasiak

Best Historical Single:

Gold – David Powell

Silver – Tom Ales

Best Historical Unit:

Gold – Tom Ales

Silver – Jeff “Bexley” Andrajack

Bronze – John Margiotta

Best Historical Vehicle:

Gold – David Powell

Silver – Tom Ales

Bronze – Justin McCoy

Best Large Scale:

Gold – Kirill Kanaev

Silver – Jessica Rich

Bronze – Rich Erickson

Best Chibi Style:

Gold – Mark Maxey

Silver – Sam Lenz

Bronze – Drew Drescher

Best Diorama:

Gold – Ben Komets

Silver – Matt DiPietro

Bronze – Tom Ales

Best Overall:

Gold ($10,000) – Kirill Kanaev

Silver ($2,000) – Ben Komets

Bronze ($1,000) – Jessica Rich

Congratulations to all of 2015’s Crystal Brush winners! We will have photos from the event soon, so stay tuned.




  • miniwar monger

    OMG A Vladimir Putin Space Marine won !?!?! Red Fist and all, guess our yankee friends didnt recognize their ol friend.

    • Steve Bode

      Actually, he looks more like Daniel Craig, imho. Nice looking fig.

      • miniwar monger

        This is true, but there isnt that much choice if it comes to Putins likeness on the miniature market, he might went with the best and closest there was.

        Considering its a russian artist and the Red Fist symbol its its not an impossible leap to make.

      • Daniel36

        Haha, I thought the exaxt same thing! Great looking model, and such a realistic face, it’s almost scary… no, scratch that, it’s just scary.

    • Kaiju_Cowboy

      According the the Kirill, the entire piece is hand made, and he based in on Daniel Craig. He never thought of it as Putin until people saw it and commented on it.

  • Alexander Brown

    Is that a standard 28mm Heroic Scale Terminator with extensive modeling and sculptng? Or a 54 mm scale scratchbuild?

    • mathieu

      That is much larger than 54mm. Check out the TGN Adoption pictures on their FB, there is one where it is next to a Warmachine diorama. It’s hard to tell exactly with the perspective, but it looks to be a good 4-5x the height of a WM trooper model.

      • Alexander Brown

        Wow, really? Awesome sculpt work. I wish I was a tenth as good a sculptor, and a quarter as good a painter.

  • The Best Historical Unit – Silver is interesting. It’s all grey. Different.