Crystal Brush 2012 voting begins, Sunday 12am CST to 12pm CST

Midnight to noon, vote on the Crystal Brush!

Crystal Brush

Some amazing entries for our 2nd annual $10,000 grand prize painting competition, where your vote counts for 50% of the overall score, with our judge Raul Latorre (of Enigma Miniatures) and Cinematic / Special Effects category judge Romeo Filip (of Battlefoam)!

Make sure you get your votes in before CST noon on Sunday!  Only registered users in good standing allowed to vote!

  • Am I the only one who is somewhat disappointed in the poor quality of the photographs?

    The lighting is bad and some don’t even seem to be in focus. Trying to judge them when you can barely see the details doesn’t seem fair to the participants.

    Look at this one for example:

  • KelRiever

    These are entries, not finalists. Anyone can enter as long as they follow the rules. There are a lot of pictures with much better quality than that.

    Having said that, I really don’ think miniature painting is the domain of the way-too-much money prize. A judgement competition for money is a bad idea in general, imo, anyway, and miniatures is no exception. Despite the technical quality, most of last year’s entries were underwhelming in concept.

    We’ll see what happens, but with all its (and some very serious) faults, Golden Demons are still going to get the highest quality participants for the foreseeable future because of what they mean.

    I certainly don’t blame CB for trying, though. If money could have done it, alone, this wouldn’t even be a thought.

  • BaconSlayer

    I have to say that Crystal Brush has been disappointing this year. Lackluster photography, an underwhelming amount of entries, overly blatant sponsorship, and some questionable business practices mean that the final results might prove to be… interesting.

    • BaconSlayer

      And now that voting is over, it appears as though the gallery loads each page from a random pool, meaning that some entries are on every page, and some entries are never presented.

  • Will B

    There are a few stunning entries but the majority of stuff is tabletop standard, and some I’m surprised they even bothered to photograph. I guess it is only the 2nd year of the competition though – it will probably take a few more years before it rivals a GD.

  • TomasT

    I was annoyed as hell with the Randomness.
    Click on something interesting, and then going back, there was something completely different.

    I guess it was for the fairness of not the same mini at the top all the time, but it was annoying as well.