Crossover Miniatures Kickstarter Campaign Launched

Crossover Miniatures envisions a range of modifiable Super Heroes, Villains and Henchmen to fill the voids found all over the comic and pulp universe:

From their post:

When possible, our miniatures will have interchangeable heads so you can personalize them to your own tastes. Think that hero would look better with a full face mask? How about some wings on the side of his head? What would he look like with an old school eye mask? Find out.

We’ve got a fantastic sculptor with a love of the subject matter and the skills to bring that passion to life. We’ve also got lots of great ideas for the future, so drop in and see what’s going on.

To get our range off the ground, we’ve gone with a kickstarter campaign to get the initial models out the door. Drop by and see what we’ve got going on and help out if we seem like your kind of miniature company!

  • Some interesting minis and interesting KS. I don’t know why ship to Europe is 10 dollars and Canada and Mexico is 15 if they are located in the USA…


    • cmon-chern

      Blame the respective domestic post offices, or praise European ones. From experience EU postage, with the exception of Italy and Greece, is remarkably efficient and inexpensive.

      • Actually shipping to Canada is cheaper than shipping to Europe (after going and checking out pricing at the USPS website) but what can you do?


        • rusti


          I see your point about Canada, I’ve changed it to the same rate as Europe. 🙂 Incidentally, Europe is cheaper as one member of the project members is there so it will work differently than say Mexico.

          • rusti

            darn, that’s one too many members.

  • Bundybear

    I would be interested if the Kickstarter accepted paypal – I wont use my CC online much these days.

    • rusti

      Bundybear, I think you emailed me from kickstarter, I’ve responded to that one, if it’s not you, please let me know and I’ll respond.