Crooked Dice releases new pilots

Crooked Dice has new daredevil pilots for you. Go have a look.

From the release:

They are rich and beautiful and can kick ass and fly planes very, very fast. They are the Dare sisters and they are coming to 7TV in our new book On Location.

They are also on our office shelf in small metal form and we’d love you to buy some. Deal £9, Single 28mm miniatures £3.50 each, and 3 Helmet Heads for £1.60.

Sculpted by Ian Mountain.

  • Wow, talk about great figures for scenario gaming!
    I really like that these guys have a ton of oddball type figures for civillians, monsters, pulp type of situations, etc. Very cool stuff!

  • cama

    Crooked Dice make some awesome looking minis. Dumping the rest of my GW (good riddance!) this weekend, so I might just have to pick up these and a bunch of the existing range. They seem fun – can’t say that about GW these days…

  • Orca

    Great stuff