Crooked Dice October Releases

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Oct 1st, 2011

Crooked Dice has posted their October releases.

From their website:

Crooked Dice present two new villains to bring some all round mayhem to your games of 7TV.

Lady Sylvia Winterly leads her Children of the Fields in a cult countryside romp round the maypole, culminating with a sacrifice to appease ancient gods.

Lone Eastern-bloc assassin Stefan Travers will join your cast, but watch out! He bears intense hatred towards the head of Department X, Hugo Soloman and will stop at nothing to take him out.

Both 28mm models come with possibly handy sci-fi weaponry, Lady Winterly has an optional hand holding her magical Field Fetch. £4 each or £7 for both.

And 7TV Stats are available here.

  • trajan

    She looks rather like Servalan (Blakes 7)! Very nice!

  • NeilJHopwood

    and he looks a lot like Travis too.

    Gotta go watch Blakes 7 again…. had the DVDs sitting around for a while now