Crooked Dice New releases

By Polar_Bear
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Jun 8th, 2014

Crooked Dice gives you more programming options for 7TV with their latest releases.


From the announcement:

Lots of new releases this month. We have our new Solomon and King models plus 4 X-Commandos to bolster the Department nicely. Then there is the Argonauts Starter Set to stop them getting too complacent.

Also released are 2 new Daughters of SHIVA, then Köhner joins the ranks of SHIVA with old pal Bolo. We have a resin Transit Van, with optional police siren & light, and a sprue of more Minion Weapons.

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  • grimbergen

    Very disapppointed the L1A1/FN FAL is practically the same size as the MP5. But otherwise fine stuff as usual.

  • 4tonmantis

    Love Crooked Dice.. so much character!

  • Riquende

    My favourite Doctor! Looks like an order will be placed soon…