Crocodile Games releases new Abomination for Wargods

Crocodile Games has a model in theme for the season coming out this month for Wargods: the Abomination.

From the update:

October is here, and with it comes spooky Halloween fun! To kick of the festivities, we have opened the tomb and unleashed a new Abomination… An undead sphinx for WarGods of Aegyptus !

This spectacular new four-piece miniature was sculpted by Benoit Cosse, and comes on a 40mm square base. It is available NOW in the Croc store and will be available to retail stores and distributors later this month.

  • lordofexcess

    This company has such a cool idea and such a cool range, but the most inconsistent support and releases of any company (Dark Age included). Also do their minis have lead content? I have admired this stuff for years … if only they’d get their stuff together get a decent release schedule going, get some stuff in plastic, etc. Not gonna happen … apparently they sell enough to stay alive by doing what they are doing.

  • 032125

    Agreed. Croc Games has brilliant minis, but are hampered by the company behind them. The minis themselves are extremely paint-friendly (contrast Confrontation, which are a devil to get just right) and in a genre that’s underrepresented.

    This new sculpt is pretty cool .

  • Osiris

    Lordofexcess, all Crocodile Games miniatures are made with lead-free pewter. We don’t do plastic miniatures, and don’t really plan to in the foreseeable future.

    I’m pleased to hear that you have admired our miniatures over the years. As to your comments on a release schedule, Crocodile Games is a very small company, just a couple of people and several freelancers and unpaid volunteers. We release new minis when we can fund their production, and that occasionally means that there is a delay between releases. We’d love to produce new miniatures every month, but it is just not possible at the moment. On the positive side, we have literally hundreds of great miniatures that are all available now — the best way to ensure that we release more stuff is to support the products that we currently sell.

    Hope this helps explain things, and glad to see you like the new Sphinx.

    –Chris FitzPatrick

    • 032125

      Since you’re here Chris, and chance that you’ll be opening up the Mycenaeans for general purchase this year?

      Again, great minis. Also noteworthy are you bits offerings (aka Icons and Artifacts), which are an absolutely awesome way to build a library of terrain bits/objective markers/tokens.

  • maroonldr

    Have you heard about this new fangled Kickstarter thing? I hear its catching on. Seriously though have you considered it?

    • I’ll be honest, I’d throw a paycheque at a Wargods Kickstarter…

      • Osiris

        Yeah, we are considering a Kickstarter project to fund the publication of Olympus in the new year. Glad to hear there is some interest, we’re working hard to finish the game now. I’ll post more info on it when we are closer to the launch date…


  • BlazeXI

    Maybe not entire paycheck as both the wife and son would ask me to leave the house, but a couple of hundread usd I would surely find for Olympus. Anyone who perks a book gets their name mentioned in ‘thanks’ section would be cool. And Dionisis Harbringer…. Ahhhh one can dream.

  • I just placed my order. Glad to see new stuff from the Croc!

    -Matt Beauchamp
    Hydra Miniatures

  • StygianBeach

    Whoa, I would back Olympus just to get the rule book. I have the 2nd ed Aegyptus and its a great read. My Harbinger of Set is slowly gathering a warband.

  • Huscarle

    Great to see Wargods are finally releasing some more miniatures, and this is a cracker.