Crocodile Games release Croc Tales issue 7

Crocodile Games has issue 7 of their Croc Tales gaming magazine available for download on their website.

In this issue:

Croc Tales 7 has arrived! This issue of our WarGods web-zine features a 32 page preview of WarGods of Olympus! With rules to play both the Spartan and Mycenaean warbands, including all of the units currently available in the Croc Store, it is everything you’ll need to get those greeks onto the gaming table!

This issue features new loads of new rules by Fitz, exciting new stories by Allen Thomas, Ryan Markle, and Bryan Steele, stunning new art by Des Hanley and John Wigley, and awesome miniatures painted by Marike Reimer and Debs FitzPatrick. A big thanks goes out to Joe Gois, Tim Pray, and all the guys and girls on the Croc Forum for helping us chase down all the little errors that creep into a big project! Thanks gang, we’d still be spell-checking this thing if it wasn’t for you!

Click the link and download yours now!

  • blkdymnd

    Everytime I think these guys have gone the way of the dodo, they come out with something related to something they said would come out a decade ago. I remember in 2003 I think, they first started talking about Olympus.

    • KelRiever

      I think if you aren’t going to worry about being the biggest company out there, what they do is just fine. Keep your output small if your fanbase is small. If it grows, great. If it doesn’t, you didn’t blow yourself up to the point of not being able to stay in business. Sure, you aren’t going to make a lot of people happy, but if you make enough happy, who cares?

  • StygianBeach

    I really like their rule set Age of Aegyptus. I just wish the Harbringers level system was more mathmatically correct, rather than random.

    I will likely pick up Olympus within a year after its release.