Crocodile add new Icons & Artifacts

Crocodile Games have added more Icons & Artifacts to their online store.

croc accessory ad 3.jpg

From their website:

We’ve added a new batch of Icons & Artifacts to the Croc Store!

February New Releases:

  • Sacred Apis Bull
  • Egyptian Temple Doorway
  • Campfire
  • Scarab Beetle
  • Auxiliary Weapon (Javelins, Bow & Quiver, 2 Knives)
  • Human Sarcophagus (includes Freshly Embalmed Mummy)
  • Horus Sarcophagus (includes Wretched Mummy)
  • Feather Fan
  • Wretched Mummy
  • Freshly Embalmed Mummy
  • Obelisk (60mm tall)

The Icons & Artifacts range is our collection of small odds and ends that are designed to enhance your miniature world. Most other companies just produce the basic troops required to play their games, but our approach at Croc Games is a little different. We are very particular about our games, and it is important for our battlefields to look interesting and ‘lived-in’. We supply treasures, statues, idols, flags, banners armor racks, and more – items perfect to dress up your miniature’s base, used as a battlefield objective, outfit your army’s campsite, and add to a diorama.

Over the years, we’ve slowly been adding dozens of cool items to our Icons & Artifacts store, and there are plenty to choose from! And they are not just for WarGods – the Icons & Artifacts range has proven very popular with miniature gamers everywhere – they are prefect for Pulp Games, historical Ancients, and traditional Fantasy. Role-Playing Gamers love them too!

Check them out in the New Releases section. Also, don’t forget to check the complete Icons & Artifacts category and the Weapon Packs category for some of the older ones you may have missed.