Creative Gamescapes launches Spaceship X 3-D terrain set

Creative Gamescapes have released a series of plastic spacecraft interior terrain pieces.


From their announcement:

Creative Gamescapes™ announces the launch of a new 3-D terrain set for Molding Enthusiasts called Spaceship X, now available for pre-order direct from The new line starts at $34.99 and will be shipped starting Feb. 21.

Spaceship X includes ship-to-ship terrain that can be used for both 15mm and 28mm scale tabletop gaming. The modular design allows a broad range of board configurations maximizing replayability for both measurement and tile-based game systems. The design possibilities are endless. The set is made from high-quality ABS plastic, making it more durable than paper, wood, resin or cardboard sets and more affordable than resin.

The Spaceship X basic tile set includes a wide selection of room, corridor and intersection pieces, removable doors and fully reversible walls designed with gameplay in mind. Each set contains four sprues measuring 11 inches by 12 inches and weighs 1.5 pounds.

In addition to simulating a spaceship environment, the set also can be used as an industrial or manufacturing complex, bio research facility, apocalyptic landscape or other futuristic environment.

Expansion sets, including additional room configurations, a vertical construction sprue and an expanded array of floor designs, are also being developed.

General specifications: Each square measures 44.45mm x 44.45mm and board section is 12.7mm tall. The overall wall height is 31.75mm from the tabletop and the assembled wall height from the top of the board section is 19.05mm. When assembled, the board sections easily accommodate most 20mm, 25mm and 40mm size bases. Detailed parts list can be found on

Package deals for purchases of eight and 12 sets are also available.

For more information and news, visit or contact Michael McKinley at

  • scarletsquig

    Wow, that is just plain brilliant.

    Hard-plastic space hulk tiles. Best terrain release I’ve seen so far this year.

  • Agreed. Best terrain kit this year.

    Its about time someone did this. Good on the creators for taking the chance on this. I think I may have to do one of their huge bundle deals.

  • I picked one up today and the quality is top notch. I will be ordering a deal as well as this is something I have wanted for years — Build super easy, fits together snugly that wont have to worry about coming apart in a game and detail is crisp and will be quick to paint.

  • griffrat

    This is awesome!!

  • Cripes. Just as I’m about to finish a year long Hirst Arts Space Hulk build, this comes out 🙂

  • I feel your pain on that project I bought 300 buck worth of roof guttering to build a set and now can do the same for less money and effort.

  • fee_weasel

    Can the large room have more than one entry way or does it have to be cut out? I see the site says expansions are planned so hopefully they come out with more large rooms.

  • scarletsquig

    Looking at the sprues, the large room piece has 4 entry pieces on it, looks like you just block off the ones you don’t want.

    There’s also other neat little things like the corner junctions being made from 2 straight pieces and a corner, so they can be taken apart and used for straight corridors on maps that require it.

    Looks like they’ve really thought this one through.

  • The large room can have more than one entry just by scoring the plastic on the line and snapping it — real easy to do — like movement tray from GW.

  • Psychotic Storm

    that’s great!

  • This is what I really wanted to be in 3rd ed space hulk, nice 3D plastic corridors. Now I’m trying to work out how many sets your’d need to make a space hulk set. 6 sets I think, that’s a bit pricey.

  • lochmoigh

    $15.00 shipping is a little steep, they are awesome looking though

    • Four big sprues at a 1.5 pounds of plastic per set can’t be cheap to ship!

  • The size of sprues means large flat rate box and bet you get 4-5 in a box and anything over 3 pound is always cheaper to ship flat rate using usps.

    I have shipped 1000’s of packages and have not found a cheap way to ship large items especially out of country.

    I did not see if shipping is free at a certain price point or not — if so could always get a few friend together and order.

    I too wished 3rd ed space hulk would have been tiles even if flat and no walls just textured goodness — I would have loved that even if it meant they just added the existing terminators and gene-stealer

    I cant wait to see what comes next —

  • Thraug

    Wish it was a dungeon set. 🙂
    Maybe they will release one?

    • cannondaddy


  • Kane

    Can you join the floor pieces together to make larger rooms?

  • Kane

    AUGH Just noticed this bit

    “Expansion sets, including additional room configurations, a vertical construction sprue and an expanded array of floor designs, are also being developed.”

    I think it’s just moved into the essential purchase category ….. I’d love to play a building clearance scenario over multiple levels with this sort of scenary 🙂

  • Well this got me hook, line, and sinker…