Crann Tara Miniatures to release Graven Images 40mm ranges

By Polar_Bear
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Dec 18th, 2013

Crann Tara Miniatures will be making 40mm Graven Images minis.


From the announcement:

We have reached agreement with Steve of Monolith Designs to start releasing the 40mm ranges (1/48th scale) of figures he once sold under the Graven Images label. The ranges are being produced under licence.
The first two to be released are Cliffhanger (various Sci Fi adventure and movie themes) and Gotterdamerung (WWII Occult)

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  • Dr.Falkenhayn

    great News!So they won’t be available anymore from Stephen then?Any Plans to bring back the oop Stuff?Stargate,Hellboy etc?

  • cerlach

    that’s correct Steve is using us to do the hard! work. The aim is to bring back all the ranges, like everything else this depends on cash flow. Steve has a lot of greens sculpted by Jim for most ranges and we would like to add to each range as its released

  • Perfect Timing as I recently received some figures from Steve and there are a few that are missing from what I want. Of course I would showcase them on my blog. Sent you an email by the way.