Cosplay Zineda unlocked in Relic Knights Kickstarter

Relic Knights is up over $120k and so Cosplay Zineda has been unlocked. Next up? Casino-quality cards.

From the update:

Can’t help myself with the stupid puns….

With Cosplay Zineda unlocked as a Special Edition Miniature choice, how about something that will really upgrade the feel of every game?

Next stretch…. Casino Quality Cards
Every Faction Starter will be upgraded with casino quality cards (i.e. plastic core) so that they’ll feel snappy and long lasting if we hit $140k! This will really give Relic Knights a great premium feel and we’re sure you agree!

  • Veritas

    I’ve kicked in $100 as that seems the best level cost performance wise unless you’re going in with friends. I can always buy starters later and the special characters, if I like them, I can bump my pledge by $10 for each I like. I don’t know what possessed CMoN to set up the Kickstarter like they did where getting all the Starter sets compels you to get three rule books. That pretty much precludes them getting several orders from inside a gaming group as the whole group can just kick in together. Also, if you’re like me, live out in the sticks and just like to paint, three books is just stupid. They become glorified paper weights.

    It’s not that I don’t like the game and minis, I wouldn’t have sponsored it if I didn’t, but I think CMoN could have been MUCH smarter about setting up the goals and reward tiers.

  • TylerT

    they put in an update, you can swap out an extra rulebook for 35$ worth of options.

  • Toyznthehood

    Good for them for listening to feedback!