Corvus Belli web-based interview

Spanish miniatures site ¡Cargad! will be taking questions from gamers for Corvus Belli to answer.

From their announcement:

Corvus Belli, the company that produces Infinity, as well as 15 mm. historic models, have offered themselves to answer questions from fans and customers through the spanish wargaming website ¡Cargad!

Each person can ask 3 questions, the only restriction is to ask things related only with Corvus Belli and their products, and do not ask questions related with 3rd parties companies.

Despite ¡Cargad! is written in Spanish, people can ask the questions in English or Spanish, using the comments box of the following post in ¡Cargad!.

We’ll translate all the questions before send them to Corvus Belli.