Corvus Belli Previews February Infinity Releases

We’re just about a week away from February. Hard to believe the first month of the year’s just about over, and yet here we are. What can you be looking forward to in terms of Infinity releases coming up? Well, Corvus Belli gives us a quick look at them here.


  • hvedhrungr

    Whoever designed the Raicho pilot should be beaten with a stick. That miniature shares nothing with the rest of the Morat design language, and the pose is ridiculous.
    The Scindron is ok, I suppose. A hint at the Shasvastii redesign, I reckon.
    Miranda Ashcroft looks great, much better than the Raicho Pilot.
    The Knights are decent, although the ‘bot could have done with a little something extra, or alternatively, they should have included another Knight. PanO players will have enough bots to go ’round.
    And then there’s Guilia Pilot, harkening back to the flimsy fan service bootlegs of old… I’m not impressed. Also, the paintjob is lacklustre.