Corvus Belli Previews August Releases

We’re a bit over a week into August. Seems like a good time to show off your August releases. That’s how Corvus Belli feels about it, anyway, as they’ve posted up their August releases for Infinity. And I figured you’d like to see them, too.

So, what are we looking at here? Ariadna is getting the Mavericks, 9th Motorized Recon group. PanOceania is getting a unit of black Black Friars. Yu Jing has the Pheasant Rank Imperial Agent. Haqqislam will be getting the Djanbazan Tactical Group. And the Nomads are getting the Corregidor Bandits.


  • Matt

    Those Djanbazans are just ugly and don’t fit Haqq’s usually sleeker aesthetic, but Corvus Belli has been moving away from sleek and towards big and chunky for a while now. That Pheasant is also sadly boring, especially given how gorgeous the previous Pheasants have been.

    • hvedhrungr

      I agree that CB designs have gotten a little “clunkier”, but it’s not bad across the board. I think the Morat redesign helped a lot (I personally think the old designs are hideous). As for the new CA drones, I’m torn. The tentacle floaters were certainly flavourful, and as much as I like the “Starship Trooper bug” vibe of the new drones, they’re just *one more take* on the whole four-legs-and-a-gun design.

      Some of the more dynamic poses are getting to the point of being almost comical, though. In stark contrast, a few of the latest designs have been so static that they hardly fit with the rest of their respective armies.
      I suppose it comes with the territory of trying to offer something to every palate, though.
      For example, I like that some of the bike choices are now looking “speedier”. They certainly offer up a few nice opportunities for a conversion or two. On the other hand, I get that they can be a PITA to base, though.

      As for what I’d like to see more: combat poses. Prone soldiers taking aim. Forward observers taking cover instead of striking a pose for Vogue magazine. A missile trooper actually taking a knee to fire an indirect shot. More dynamic firing poses like the Sogarat Feuerbach miniature.
      I’m not against a few easy pinup shots here and there (Although girls only? Haven’t we moved past that?). These make great HVT conversions, especially since the CA has yet to receive a Rasyat HVT or something similar. I’ll probably be converting the Corax Spec Ops into an HVT sometime soon.

      • Matt

        I agree that the bulkier physique is an aesthetic choice and happens to be one I am normally opposed to. Bulky armor doesn’t say advanced technology and spec-ops but that is my personal quibble. There are times they do it well, I personally like the Naffatun and several of the Yu Jing HI but most of the bulky Haqqislam units, Djanbazan, Azra’il, Al Fassid and etc…

        Their dynamic poses, the weight and movement of their poses helped sell Infinity back early on and I agree that some are now absurd but so were some early ones (Wulver jumping over divider). Unfortunately it seems moving to digital sculpts has somehow limited their selection of poses. When you speak of snipers some of the more popular ones, the old Djanbazan, Cateran, Scout, Hunzakut etc.. are more often from before they started the digital sculpts and several of the digital sculpts have ended up being more technical but less nuanced copies of earlier sculpts (Taureg and Scout are both examples).

        The bikes are odd. Mostly it comes down to the pose of the person on it or if you can pose the bike at an angle. With the old Kum they had a couple interesting poses but it relied on the owner to put the mono-wheels into a good pose to take advantage of it. The newer ones have done a good job of showing stopped motorcycles (Kum w/Rifle, Kisaragi) and those that show speed, like the Maverick on the right above but then there are those Desperadoes bikes which are not a very good design.

        It would be nice if there was less cheesecake (there is some beefcake poses but few enough that it’s fine). If they got the pin-up female poses down to the number they have for the males but kept up a good ratio of female to male sculpts, I would be very happy. The lack of female sculpts is one of the reasons I’m not necessarily happy with the Djan box but its really the design. The decent ratio of female to male was one of the reasons I got into Infinity.

        If I was better at conversions I’d be trying to alter some of my models, especially female Ariadna to be less pin-up and more action and butt kicking poses.