Corvus Belli Posts March Infinity Releases

Corvus Belli is showing off their March releases for Infinity. They’ve got 5 new sets for you this month, ranging from lightly-armored infantry, to a new bounty hunter on a bike, to reinforced suits carrying big-ass guns. Go have yourself a look-see at them below the cut.

From the post:


  • Damn, their paint jobs are good.

    • Matt Popke

      Angel Giraldez is the studio artist for Corvus Belli. Everything he touches turns into amazing.

      • Odinsgrandson

        Very good contrast with vibrant colors and strong zenithal lighting. That’ll make some great paintjobs.

    • elril

      Angel makes me hate my paintbrush.

      • goreshade

        Demoralizing. Beasts of War is supposed to do a series where they pick a model from his painting guide and follow his step by steps to see how close a mortal painter can get to his results.

  • mathieu

    Their new guy really needs to step up his game. The Jaguars aren’t nearly as good as the usual Infinity sculpts.