Corvus Belli now taking pre-orders for Infinity Paradiso campaign book

By Polar_Bear
In Infinity
Aug 6th, 2012

Corvus Belli has started taking pre-orders for their Pardiso campaign book for Infinity. When you pre-order, you’ll get an exclusive mini, too.

From the update:

All glittered up and ready for action, Go-Go Marlene live from Paradiso. The news, the way YOU like them!”
Intro of the show Go-Go in Paradiso. Find it on Oxyd!
Pre-purchase our new book Infinity. Campaign: Paradiso and receive an exclusive figure of Go-Go Marlene, the most famous, most gorgeous journalist in the Human Sphere!

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  • Nightbee

    Shame about the currency conversion and shipping. Definitely looking forward to the book, though. A campaign system is all that Inifinity ever lacked.

  • txMaddog

    Is there a picture of the Marlene mini anywhere?

    • Psychotic Storm

      Not yet I am afraid, just her concept art shown above.

  • surprize

    Very excited about this release. Multi-player narrative campaigns sound fantastic and ability to develop your own characters sounds great. Also they have said releases for “spec ops” will contain multiple arms/weapons hopefully allowing you to convert up some of the missing army options with the spares.

  • jedijon

    I’m not too worried about the exclusive miniature – don’t want exclusives that bad – really do want to see the mode they’ve picked for the campaign however. I’ve got some pretty strong ideas about what I’m hoping for; and haven’t heard them yet! Still watching here; at, and the official forums for this game to discover more facts about how the campaign will play.

    So far we’ve heard that you earn XP to allow you to customize one guy on your force. The ‘Paradiso’ location might be less open ended than say “Dogs of War” in that it looks like your spec ops will stay for each mission but their surrounding cast will be dictated by the mission. Hoping for a true squad building experience myself, but the books at the printers so…we all wait to see what it is!

    • Psychotic Storm

      upgrading the entire “squad” simply imbalances a fine tuned game, also by the nature of the game there is no “squad”, for me the direction they chose is quite good, you get a sec ops who is the on the campaign centers around, and the rest is ad hoc units that are assigned to him to help him complete his mission.

  • Robert

    When I went to make an order I discovered that the shipping to NZ is an eye-watering €40, making the book about $120! Totally impractical unless I team up with about ten other people to make an order.

    • Darkmantis


      The book plus shipping to US comes out to $100 USD, so I will have to wait to get it locally and miss out on the exclusive as well.

      I would love to support Corvus Belli through a pre-order, but the shipping costs make it prohibitively expensive at this time.

      • Brick and mortar stores can get the exclusive too, at least that’s what I’ve heard (indirectly) from the UK distributor. Supplies will be pretty limited though.

  • Dude

    Check with your local retailers, they might be able to secure Marlene somehow.

    I just hope she and the book are at GenCon.

    • Darkmantis


      A Corvus Belli rep said that unfortunately neither will be available at Gen Con.

      • Dude


        Can you tell me where that was said?

        • Darkmantis

          First page of comments has the response to the very same question I asked from Bostria, the gent in the video on that page, and my own response before I realized how much shipping is.

          Wish I could edit it to ask for a lower shipping rate =)

          • Dude

            Well, no way around that. Thanks for the info.

  • meatpuppet7

    well dang, I really want that book but it cost so dang much!

    • Dude

      You don’t need to order through CB’s store

  • Psychotic Storm

    CB has announced that the local game stores can preorder the book and get the miniature.

    This offer is also available in all stores that sell Infinity, but the availability of exclusive figures is subject to the store’s discretion.

  • txMaddog

    Book is up for pre-order at The Warstore ( they are looking into getting the exclusive mini from their supplier.