CorSec Engineering Releases Printable Starfields

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Oct 21st, 2011

CorSec Engineering release a printable starfield on their website:

From their announcement:

We have decided to start releasing the patterns for our Fabric Mats in a print and play version. We have teamed up with Wargames Vault to make these available to our customers.

Each PDF is contains a printable 108″ by 58″ pattern and a 72″ by 42″. We will be releasing all the patterns over time.

Price: $4.99

Currently Available:

Blue Nebula

Pillars and Jets

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  • Bewulf

    I am sorry, this is not meant offensive. I really like the printed fabric mats, but would anyone explain to me what is the difference between buying this pdf or downloading the high-quality image from the hubble site and letting a free poster creation software split it up to multiple pages for printing?

  • Lparigi34

    Image Resolution? Just a guess. Hubble website images are somehow of limited resolution. To print them this big, they will definitely look pixelated. Maybe this guys have some kind of agreement and actually paid for larger resolution images that they are able to sell.

    Playing the fool’s lawyer here… sorry…

  • antenociti

    The images are public domain and there arent any higher resolutions than those available at the hubble site itself.

    • antenociti

      Argh. pressed return… what they’ve done Bewulf is to make them into printable .pdfs, one version with a hex grid overlay. Trying to manipulate and add overlays to these images is actually rather difficult. f.ex the Eagle nebula images are ~ 110mb in a TIFF format.. that will crash many computers just trying to open it in an image editing program! (it doesnt sound a big file, but try it!)

      (They’ve possibly missed a trick by not crediting STScl and NASA though, as that’s a requirement of use, as is reporting any derivative use to STScl also; although they may well have done that: you’d have to ask them directly.)

      I only know the above because i’ve got a 8×6 vinyl print of the eagle nebula being printed myself and, despite the desktop beuty of many of the hubble images, once you get to printing them at 6×4 or 8×6 they do start to pixellate. As a glossy vinyl though… still gorgeous.

      Back OT though: So I cant see what they are doing is wrong, and it isnt as easy as one might assume turning these huge images into a printable format, so they ahve done something with them that isnt quite a simple as it may first appear.

      If you want to give it a go though the bottom image is the Eagle Nebula and the upper one is the central section of the Milky Way – you can find them all here: and order by “Highest Resolution First”

      You have to use the very highest size files though, 60mb as smallest, the 100mb ones being better. Anything else is too low detail and will heavily pixellate.

      Eagle Nebula, Carina Nebula, Central Galactic Region and “Infant stars” all are very nice backdrops.

  • Antenociti is correct. We felt it was worth creating the pdfs because the average gamer does not have the equipment or expertise to manipulate the images and scale them for large format printing. We have done most of that work already and wanted to give gamers a cheaper option then our fabric mats.

    As for the usage rights, NASA releases them under public domain. They are strict on the usage of the NASA logos and that it is not implied that they endorse our products. We chose to only indicate that they are Hubble images and not from NASA to avoid any confusion.

    Also thanks for the reminder, I need to get my butt in gear and post Carina Nebula and Eagle Nebula for the fabric mats. They are almost ready to go.

  • Bewulf

    Thanks to both of you for the explanations.

  • phoenixman

    could really do with a UK based shop or company taking CorSec products as i’m sure the firing templates alone for Dystopian wars will sell by the bucketload.

    surely, someone out there will get these in!

  • We are available for Direct to retailer sale and distributor sales. Unfortunately we are not able to distribute the Fabric Mats because there is not enough margin. We wanted to make them as cheap as possible. We hope to reduce the costs of shipping to the UK soon as well.

    Jonathan Bowen
    CorSec Engineering