CorSec Engineering Releases Fabric Mat 2.0

CorSec Engineering has come out with their new Fabric Mat 2.0 over in their webshop.

From the announcement:

We have been working hard to reduce costs and increase the quality of our Fabric Mats. These new fleece mats feature vivid colors, thicker material. and cheaper price point,

All our old patterns are now available in 60″ by 50″ for $69.99 with free shipping in the US!

  • Soulfinger

    I wonder how these compare to just sending out one of the many high-res public domain space images to a fabric printer, like spoonflower, which seems like it would be much cheaper.

  • We tested spoonflowers fabrics. The cheaper cottons have the same issue that ver1 did. They are also rather thin. We went with a different company because they offered higher weight cotton. You could upgrade the fabric those are $30 or more a yard. Now your back at our price point again. They also have the issue of not being finished. Your just getting fabric that was printed on. They still need to be hemmed or finished in some way or you’ll have a frayed mess after 2 or 3 games.

    All our pattens are listed at spoonflower because seamstresses use them to make pillows, curtains, and even dresses. However they are paying for the expensive silks and polyesters. Hmm after checking I guess they don’t even offer polyester anymore. So your only option to get the better colors and deeper blacks is to use silk at $38/yard.

  • maestro

    Nice! But… Free shipping for US customers at the same time you increase the international postage? Well, guess you’re picking your market…

    • grimbergen

      USPS wouldn’t help either — they recently raised rates for US shipping 5% (normal annual/bi-annual increase) but international shipping went up by 50%-300% (!!) depending on the service and weight. basically they now have minimum weight categories so you pay the highest amount of that class.

      • Soulfinger

        It usually takes a year before people really understand that it is the USPS, not the seller, that is behind rate increases, and by then . . . another rate increase.

  • We have not choice in the matter. We have to build an interface between there system and ours. Right now we are restricted to using their web interface. It uses UPS. That is the reason for the increase in shipping costs. Once the new interface is setup, we can dictate the shipping terms and switch to USPS. Even then I suspect the price will be around $24.99 for international.