CorSec Engineering release Magnet Applicator Tool

By Polar_Bear
In Accessories
Mar 22nd, 2013

CorSec Engineering gives you some help in applying those magnets to your minis with their new Magnet Applicator Tool.

From the release:

We have a new tool that should help tame those pesky magnets. This device allows you to put a magnet precisely where you want it without getting glue everywhere or messing with tweezers.

Simply press the plunger to reveal the steel rod inside. Pickup the magnet and move it into place. Once you release the plunger the steel rod retracts into the brass casing and lets go of the magnet. You don’t even have to wait for the glue to try! Great for epoxy users.

The tool is designed to work with large and small magnets. All the way down to 1/8″! You can use if for even smaller magnets but you’ll have to wait for the glue to dry or else they will be retracted into the tool with the steel rod.
Price: $7.99

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  • aroberts

    What a cool idea. I always end up with glue all over my fingers, and all of my tweezers stick to the magnets.

  • I use quick set to help put the magnet on so that way I don’t get glue on my fingers (like I used to, but lets not tell anyone.).

  • Piston Honda

    I have a series of different sized nails with the point cut off.

    Cheap Red Neck version FTW!

  • Shades

    I cut and filed wooden coffee stirrers to make wooden tweezers.

  • Good idea but not quite good enough!

    What we need are TWO of these. And instead if a steel rod, a magnetic one.
    One with a North face protruding and the other with a South face.
    Make them different colours.

    Then we know its always the blue one for putting magnets on vehicle bodies and the red one for putting magnets on interchangeable weapons.

    It’s always getting the polarity right that really makes you mess around with magnets and gets glue everywhere.

    • maestro

      ^ this!!

    • Veritas


  • Just take two magnets and glue them to a stick. Label one turret and the other body. While this tool isn’t strong enough to pickup a magnet off of another one. It works out because you just pull the magnet off and stick the bottom to the tool.

    You can also use it to place two magnets at once. You have to be careful with the glue but even if you get some on the top magnet a flat bladed exacto blade will cut it right off. Once the first on dried you just pop the top magnet off and put it in the turret.

    I also find it handy to mark on them with a permanent marker. Either make the marks touch or the opposite.

    • yup thats what i do, but its still a faff and a hassle compared to my suggestion above.

      in fact i think thats soooo awesome that i should have TM’d and patented and (C) and registered and all that other shenanigans …. instead of just giving it away! 🙁