CorSec Engineering previews clear Omni-Stand Rods

CorSec Engineering have completed the first prototype Clear Omni-Stand Rod:

From their announcement:

The rod consists of 1/4″ diameter clear rod with steel threads at either end. This should still provide good strength and have the added benefit of being clear. They will be cheaper then the metal rods and only a 1/16″ increase in the diameter. We are working on reducing the thread insert depth to give it a cleaner look. We hope to be ready for full production really soon.

  • That was my bad. Files were copied over on our server and I renamed the wrong set.

    Jonathan Bowen
    CorSec Engineering

    [Edit]Please remit correct photo then, thanks!

  • scarletsquig


    Finally, the solution that puts these on my buying radar. 🙂

  • We have been working on clear rods for a long time. The original prototype was clear but it wasn’t strong enough and broke really easy. We hope to have these in production really soon.

    Jonathan Bowen
    CorSec Engineering

    • Cherno

      MAybe you could also consider making a version in smoke-grey semi-translucent plastic. This might actually work better than clear plastic, because there’ll be less light reflections and hence less noticeable by the human eye 🙂