CorSec Engineering launches Forward Operating Base terrain Kickstarter

CorSec Engineering previewed these a couple days back. Well, now they’ve launched their Kickstarter campaign in order to fund their new 28mm sci-fi terrain pieces.

From the campaign:

Forward Operating Base: Kiris is now funding on Kickstarter! This laser cut 28mm Sci Fi Terrain features new techniques to overcome the limitations of regular MDF terrain. Finally some laser cut Sci Fi terrain with curves!

  • Although it looks interesting, I’m not tempted because the painting on the buildings don’t do the KS any justice.

    It’s just not drawing me in.

    • The buildings have basically no surface detail and that defies the point of buying lasercut when you can do this yourself with some cereal boxes.

      • Soulfinger

        I prefer lasercut cereal boxes. They’re Grrrrreat!

        • grimbergen

          ANd you also get a nice smoky/nutty flavor too!

      • Most of the walls are intentionally left less busy. For instance, The sides of the barracks can easily have 2-4 vents along the top. Each building comes with a sprue of accessories. It’s a blank slate for you to detail the way you want the building to look.

        I need to just finish the pack and show it off. It has control panels, vents, roof hatched, and other odd bits in it. Lots of stuff to play with and customize the buildings with.

  • begisle

    The buildings are wavy. Is this supposed to be the quality of laser cut terrain?

    • Some of the roofs had issues. We are fixing those for production. The painter cheated and didn’t paint both sides. So they warped a bit. We will be adding more MDF roof parts to fix that issue. Some will get complete MDF roofs.

      The walls are thin styrene and glued to an MDF skeleton. They shouldn’t be “wavy” unless I got a little more glue in some spots then others.