Corpse Hammer Preview: Necrovanum Berserker

By Polar_Bear
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Sep 29th, 2012

Red Knight Entertainment continues their Corpse Hammer previews with the Necrovanum Berserkers.

From the preview:

Corpse Hammer Preview: Necrovanum Berserker
For preview we have the Necrovanum Berserkers. The Necrovanum Berserkers have both a ranged Venom Cannon as well as a heavy Necro Syckle for close combat. The Necro Syckle is unusually large for the Berserkers and is difficult to wield under their own power resulting in clumsy or ill planned strikes against the Nephalim Knights. However once per game the Berserkers may engage a Necro Charge through the tubes in their back which floods their body with a heavy amount of powerful toxic fluids embodying them with crushing brute strength and speed. This effect lasts two turns, afterwards leaving them in a more weakened state.

Necrovanum Berserkers (6 minis) – $30
Necrovanum Berserkers x2 (12 minis) $54 – ($6 Savings)
Necrovanum Berserkers x3 (18 minis) $75 – ($15 Savings) (Kickstart Only)
Will be available in the Corpse Hammer Kickstart first week October.

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  • Soulfinger

    Wow, these Necrovanum have a Necro “Syckle” AND a Necro Charge. I bet their favorite candy is Necro Wafers. Worst lacrosse team ever.

    • So what I’m trying to figure out is if these apparent typos (syckle, and the engorging one from their previous post) are actual typos, or some kind of creative spelling to go along with the name and theme. I other words is Syckle spelled this way as a creative naming convention or because they need an editor.

      My opinion remains the same. Well sculpted, but I’m not into them from a concept stand-point.

  • JRacel

    Out of all the units shown so far, I like these the best. They have a nice generic biotech alien look that lacks the massive weapons and armless poses that make the previous offerings rather unappealing. Hopefully these are a lot better received, but I would venture that a few less “nerco” something or another names would help this line a lot from a marketing standpoint. I wish the owners all the best in the endeavor and hope they find a core group of players that these minis appeal to during their Kickstarter.

    • Ghost

      Agreed, although to be fair one of the factions is called Necrovanum so we’ll be seeing a lot more of the necro~ prefix. Of course that doesn’t mean they all have to have necro~ abilities and weapons, perhaps the Venom Canon gives us hope for more variation in theme (presumably with apologies to Codex Tyranids).

  • metalsifter

    The creator of this game must be a Troll of epic genius.

  • 4tonmantis

    They look like they work in a Churro Hut