Corpse Hammer Kickstarter is Live. Also House Remegoth Carrion Callers Preview

Red Knight Entertainment has started up their Corpse Hammer Kickstarter. They’ve also got a new preview up. This is for the House Remegoth Carrion Callers.

From the update:

The Corpse Hammer Kickstarter is live! Please support if you may!

House Remegoth Carrion Callers Preview
For preview we have the House Remegoth Carrion Callers. The Carrion Callers are a heavy weapon unit armed with the Carrion Caller Quad Barrel Cannon. Aside from providing a continuous barrage of heavy mid-range firepower the Carrion Caller also has two blades attached at the front allowing the wielder close combat attacks. Anyone within striking distance may be lunged upon and gored by the heavy weapon. Removing one’s enemy from the blades requires a simple pull of the trigger. The cannon may also be swung up or down using the blades in the sense of a makeshift axe. In a more defensive role the Carrion Callers also carry the Blood Buckler shield, a smaller version of the Blood Bulwark Shield carried by the Death Eaters.

House Remegoth Carrion Callers come 2 models per unit – $13

  • Nightbee

    Interesting that these come from a 3d printer.

    Well, I’ve yet to see a miniatures Kickstarter fail. This is a pretty high goal, though. Also no stretch goals.

    • SirAngry

      I’m not sure the miniatures themselves come from a 3D printer. I think he prints his miniatures and then uses that as a master to make moulds and then cast off of them. Kingdom Death and a few others do the same thing.

      I wish the bloke luck I really do. I’d never wish ill on anyone’s endeavors, but for me I just don’t like the miniatures. I don’t like that they are cast in one piece and are therefore really awkwardly posed and static looking. I don’t like the art direction or composition either. This is one Kickstarter I can happily say I’ll be missing.

  • Veritas

    I want to see this succeed not because I want to buy anything, but because I want to see what levels of ridiculousness he can achieve if he continues this line.

  • Soulfinger

    IT BEGINS! Ahhh . . . I’ve run out of steam commenting on this line, plus the photo of the creator intimidates me. He’s like a young Henry Rollins.

    • KelRiever

      LOl, I think a young Henry Rollins is one of your funniest comments.

      That look, its like, F you, you like my miniatures. Do not tell me you do not like my miniatures. Because Hell will open at your feet. Do not ask me how I know this. Do not ask questions that you do not want to know the answer to!

      You buy my miniatures. You buy them now. Look into my eyes. They are serious.

  • Orca


  • jormunrekk

    First Kickstarter I’m tempted to take part in, but the international shipping cost ($15 for a box of minis) are insane.

  • Nightbee

    Well, it’s raised more than the Zenit campaign so far. 🙁

    Should it be assumed that most Kickstart campaigners use some of their own money to get the ball rolling? It always seems like an unusual number of high-end pledges come in right at the beginning of every campaign.

    • Veritas

      Well, unfortunately the Nemesis campaign is on Indiegogo which seems to be a huge hindrance as I have yet to see a gaming crowd funding really take off over there. I mean, projects still get funded, but at much lower levels.

    • Veritas

      Also, I think he got a lot of his initial funding off the few people who jumped on that early bird pledge level that gave free shipping. His shipping costs are pretty crazy for a Kickstarter, (he’s even charging for domestic shipping!,) so he probably got some knee jerk pledges from people just thinking that the free shipping was a great deal.

      • Soulfinger

        Everybody has at least 9 friends or family members who are going to jump in straight away and pledge some money. Early bird specials are possibly designed for them. I’m sure somebody’s mother has said, “I dunno. Jimmy asked me to go online and buy $100 of these corpse hammers. It’s some kind of art project with hot dog bun people. I don’t know what any of it means, but he is very creative.”

        • Nightbee

          Yeah, this is exactly what I was picturing, as opposed to direct funding out of the producer’s pocket. I guess it’s a valid marketing tactic.

          I don’t know if this is exactly what’s going on with the Corpsehammer campaign, but it’s sure been moving slowly since getting 6 $100+ pledges right out of the gate.

          • Soulfinger

            It’s nothing particular to Corpse Hammer though. Hitting gam-gam up for money predates Kickstarter by centuries, and even the most successful Kickstarters have those initial donations from the in-crowd. At the very least, this guy will have fun with his gaming group with the minis that he has produced so far.

    • The Zenit campaign also hasn’t been featured on TGN every few days. Corpse Hammer just keeps showing up with new models. It just has more buzz. I think lots of people will back it because it’s so crazy. Really the highest backing level is not that high considering what some other kickstarters have asked.

      Incidentally, I think the Zenit project has free shipping for the entirety of its run. I think I’ll back it since the models are really nice. They really need a better English writer though. (I heard their 1st ed English rulebook was fine, but their marketing material is sloppy.)

      • Soulfinger

        You haven’t read the flavor text for Corpse Hammer then. They could use a better English writer too. To quote Inigo Montoya, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

    • Kickstarter prevents you from funding your own campaigns directly, and has a clause along the lines of ‘If we find out you funded your own project, we’ll cancel your funding’.

  • I was the second backer and I pledged the full amount. I like the figures and I have a use for them, I hope this gets funded. I couldn’t care less about free shipping either way. Thankfully our hobby allows for different people to like different stuff 🙂

  • KelRiever

    I blame Doom.

    There are people who like the figures and hey, good to that.

    But as far as the whole, you know, Space Marines go to Mars which is really a gateway to Hell, etc…too much already. Doom was a super great video game which changed the industry…but not because of its shallow background story. And yet, somehow, if something has any degree of success, suddenly every aspect of it gets out there in the world somehow as inspiration.

    If you are playing 40k, then, well, you already swim in this soup. With GW and all the other companies out there making ‘use as’ figures, I can say for this guy personally, good luck to him. But I can’t be interested in seeing another figure with the name Corpse/Hell/Necro in front of it, in steroided anger madness.