Copplestone Castings Releases New 15mm Terrain

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Feb 8th, 2012

Copplestone Castings just released the first few pieces of resin terrain to go with the 15mm Barbarica fantasy range:

From their post:

FMT1 Trilithon Stone Portal
FMT2 Stone Circle
FMT3 Standing Stones

Nick Lund and I have been working on some rules for the range and we wanted to make terrain items more than table decorations so stone circles and standing stones are magical-power enhancers and the trilithon is a ley-line gateway. Future terrain pieces will include Roman roads (magic nullifiers), barrow tombs, Pictish statues of the Elder Gods and Pictish lairs.

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  • Drusus Geronimo Rat Esq

    Lovely idea for some scenary (including the projected future releases).

    Be interested to see how the rules turn out too.

  • Soulfinger

    I’d love to make some standing stones like these, but all of the rocks outside of my house are 28mm heroic scale.