CoolMiniOrNot selling Wrath of Kings pre-release models

CoolMiniOrNot has pre-release Wrath of Kings models now for sale in their online shop.



I’ve got one of those guys ordered and on its way to me.

From their announcement:

You have seen all the convention coverage of these amazing miniatures from GAMA and Adepticon. Wrath of Kings is in the final stage of development, with a compelling and beautiful world about to be unveiled.

For a limited time, we’re making available high quality preview resin miniatures of the various factions currently in testing. From Pig Warriors to orphan girls possessed by octopus spirits, this is an amazing line and not to be missed!


  • Veritas

    These models look OK. I don’t think the paint jobs are not up to snuff for CMoN though. Also, the female champion for the Nasier has a few too many blade protrusion things around her head. It’s just too busy.

    • BoosterX

      Agreed. Aren’t these sculpts from the old Rackham team? I almost don’t believe it.

  • Gallahad

    I think that the thickness of the pole that the above “Rothor” model is holding looks way too thin. It really ruins the model for me. It looks like a bad “make your own pikes with brass rod” job.

    • Its also really bent…

      • kelmor

        That part is being remastered for production.

    • Ordok

      He looks like Formor Fiend with a mask, bandages and some armor sculpted on. The weapon thingy is just silly with its shaft thinness.

  • Cherno

    This octopus thing is the strangest model I’ve ever seen. Looks like nothing and everything at the same time O_O

  • tajnisvet

    I addore these models. If there were a chance to get a hold of these, I’d gladly do so today. But for us who are living under a rock, it’ll have to wait for release.
    I’m pleased to see more of this.

    • cmon-chern

      These are available for order right now! Preview figs cast in resin rather than the more mass produced metals. Just click through the link.

  • What size of base is that octopus monster on?

    • kelmor


  • I look at the Ironward and all I can think of is: “Who run Bartertown?”

  • as79

    Saw these at Adepticon. While very nice, their small size and material in no way justify their $15-20 price points.

  • darkendlight

    I would assume that this is like the Studio McVey models where if you wanted the resin they were more expensive than the metal ones.