CoolMiniOrNot Seeks Customer Service Agent

CoolMiniOrNot is looking to add another Customer Service Agent to their rolls. So if you’d like to come and sit near me in the offices here in Atlanta, and help customers get replacements or find out what happened to their order, now’s your chance!

It’s not the easiest of jobs, mind you. CMON has a lot of products and a lot of customers and stuff’s bound to go wrong with things from time to time. But if you like helping people, it might just be the thing for you.


  • Kaleb Eubank

    First qualification: Inability to answer Kickstarter emails.

    • Not sure which account you’ve been having issue with, but the best way to get a hold of someone for help is by e-mailing
      If you’ve already done this, but have not heard back yet, well, that just proves the point that they can use more help in customer service.
      I know the people that work in that department. They literally sit a cubicle divider away from me. They work as hard as they can. But if you have X-number of people and tickets coming in for X+1 people, obviously things are going to fall behind. So hiring someone else will help alleviate some of the issues.

      • Kaleb Eubank

        Ha! I was in the Relic Knights Kickstarter! Months of no updates, no replies, at least until Soda Pop kicked you guys to the curb and built their own manufacturing group.