CoolMiniOrNot releases Wave 5 for Confrontation

CoolMiniOrNot posts the next wave of Confrontation releases.

From their announcement:

They are finally available! The second part of Confrontation Wave 5 release – Militia of Cadwallon! 5 never before released Cadwallon figures, not one or two… FIVE!

Confrontation – Militia of Cadwallon

Available exclusively now on CMON On-line store!

  • number9

    I can see why a couple of these were not released. But overall there are figs in this group I’ve wanted for quite some time. On the rules cards though, why aren’t the dwarfs hard boiled?

  • Nightbee

    Aaah. I ‘ve wanted those dwarves for a long time, but can’t justify buying all three at that price. Sure hope that they eventually come out in metal and individually.

  • Mahrdol

    Atacam said this in dragon painting forum.

    “I chose not to give them Hard Boiled for a reason.

    The Militia Dwarf originally never had it, so don’t fix what isn’t broken.
    And the Crossbowman I thought it didn’t really fit, being that he has his stream powered legs and probably doesn’t venture out into the Badlands of Aarklash like his other Dwarf brethren. So he isn’t as hardy.”

    • KelRiever

      I do appreciate someone doing the cards, though if I were doing them, I think there’s a big difference between resilience 8, and say a lower resilience and hard boiled, which would have made more sense to me. But whatever. Cards are done, this is the most useful release yet, and the price is getting in range of what you’d want to see. Well done.

  • ish

    Yh, these militiamen aren’t as cool as the others in the original box, but the dwarves are cool. I also have the ‘Agitator’ goblin duo dressed as militia and they would go well with the rest of the bunch..

  • as79

    $70usd for FIVE MINIS!? I literally said “WTF!?” when the store price popped on-screen. CMON is off its collective rocker to be charging prices like that!

    • cmon-chern

      How about… $25 for one mini? We don’t set MSRPs, as mentioned by Legacy Miniatures in their earlier replies.

    • Veritas

      I think you need to dial back the incredulity a bit. $70 for 5 resin minis is not all that rare now-a-days. Kingdom Death, as was pointed out, and Studio McVey hit that easily. That said, the fact there’s no sculptor or concept artist to be paid SHOULD be bringing the price down a bit you’d think. Especially considering Legacy is force feeding these sets to pad their margin. Yes, there are licensing fees, but they shouldn’t be anywhere near sculpting a mini from scratch. Also, Legacy does not use the world’s best resin. I have the hydra and the resin is very reminiscent of PP’s plasti-resin and I’m not a huge fan of that stuff. Hence, while I’m not sticker shocked by $70 for 5 resin minis, I don’t know that Legacy is justified charging that for these particular 5 resin minis.

      • KelRiever

        Actually I WOULD argue they are expensive, however, I completely agree that you have to recognize what they are, in the sense that this is a limited run, where interest is still being gaged, and you just can’t compare that to something else. I ordered mine, and while I’d even order more if prices came down (seriously, I hope they will), I still can’t put up much of a fight for miniatures never released for a game I love and who’s company died.