CoolMiniorNot Releases Legacy Miniatures Titan Dragon

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Dec 6th, 2011

CoolMiniorNot releases arguably one of the most iconic dragons ever made! This is a collector’s dream come true to have a second chance to get this amazing looking dragon:

From their anouncement:

Cast in high quality resin with every individual piece lovingly placed in their own vacuum form cavities.
Comes with a custom square base, and the Confrontation 3.5 cards (2) necessary for gaming. These previously long OOP figures are sure to move quickly, and are still full of the individual character that has made Confrontation famous!

Available now exclusively from CMON On-line store. Get it while supplies last!!!

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  • ahh, this was a great piece when it game out, belonged to a beautiful faction, great game!

  • KelRiever

    Pretty close to original price. My personally favorite Dragon. I have one from back in the day, but really, anyone wanting to own a serious Dragon miniature should consider this.

  • Ghost


  • mathieu

    I didn’t think it was that great a piece back then (a bit awkwardly proportioned and not very well balanced, in my opinion), especially compared to the smaller Rackham dragon, much better designed as far as my tastes are concerned… Today with pieces like Cang (exact same price) or the Heresy dragon (a tiny bit more expensive at today’s exchange rate) I have a hard time seeing this piece as anything else but dated.

  • Darsc Zacal

    For a dragon of this size and price I want it to look mean and threatening. Unfortunately this sculpt is neither of those but instead appears to be caught in the middle of an awkward landing with it’s arms and legs flailing.

    Not for me at half that price. 🙁

  • TaoDeInsane

    And to think I had a chance to pick one of these up for $40 when everyone was liquidating all the Rackham stuff.

  • I like this dragon. It is not very “outdated” like many Rackham models that are 10 years old and still very nice. Those models were ahead from the competition in their time and they’re still fairly nice.
    Alas… if you compare it to CMON’s Cang… For the same price :
    I did not plan to by this dragon and my christmass budget is already blown. I don’t remeber the price of the metal titan dragon but this piece of resin is a bit expensive for my wallet. 3 times the price of the golem or the Wyrm Dirz…

  • ish

    I hate to see this model priced as is. Would love to buy it but £300!? Again I have the feeling that Legacy is going the wrong way with these releases. 🙁

    • ish

      *$300, sorry. Still a lot.

      • Veritas

        The original wasn’t that far off from $300.

        • Was £150 in the UK, $235 at todays exchange rate.

          • Veritas

            Dragon came out in 2006 or 2007 I believe? The exchange rate for the GBP to USD was much harsher on the dollar back then. Check out the graph here:

          • ish

            Good point, but I still can’t afford it. :/

          • ish

            Btw I think it was originally produced in mainland Europe like the rest of the line and it was more affordable here. Don’t know about the US.

  • number9

    The original wasn’t offered in metal either. Having seen this model in pieces as originally cast by Rackham; it is pretty astounding. It was a lot of money at the time when most higher end dragon models were going for half that price, but the market has shifted and I don’t think this sculpt lags behind at all. As a high quality gaming centerpiece without some massive diorama base under it, I still think it stands near the top of the pack.

    Out of all of Legacy’s offerings so far, this is the only one even remotely close to original pricing.