CoolMiniOrNot posts up Wrath of Kings preview for Big Sister model in painting tutorial

CoolMiniOrNot is showing off the plastic production model for the Big Sister from the upcoming Wrath of Kings line in this painting tutorial video that our studio painter, Curtis, did.

From the post:

Curtis, our studio painter, takes us through assembly of a plastic production Big Sister model from the upcoming Wrath of Kings line.

  • This was pretty nice! Thanks. There is 4-5 minutes of nothing with background music in the end – had me thinking there might be some bonus stuff for the patient…

  • Smokestack

    I just wish there was more info about Wrath of Kings and the kickstarter. I thought this was going to start this week for GenCon but still no news. I have money saved for this but if its still a month away I can use that money for other cool things.

    Love the big sister model…