CoolMiniOrNot launches Rum and Bones Facebook page

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
Jul 30th, 2014

CoolMiniOrNot has launched a Facebook page for their newest game they’re coming out with, Rum and Bones.

Rum and Bones


From the page:

Swashbuckling adventure on the high seas!

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  • Kolonel K

    Bets on how many months late this KS will be?

    • wittdooley

      Bets on how clever that post made you feel?

      • Kolonel K

        Pretty clever. So far I’m looking at Relic Knights and Wrath of Kings as examples of pretty large misses on estimated delivery dates, I have zero confidence that CMON is putting an accurate estimate on their projects. I wouldn’t mind being proven wrong but we’ll see.

  • Necroloid

    To avoid disappointment, use my “actual KS estimated delivery(TM)” formula:
    actual estimated delivery time = creators estimated delivery time+3 months(6 months if miniature based),+ 1 week for every completed stretch goal(2 weeks if miniature based)

    • Necroloid

      And yes, I feel a little clever!! 😉 All kidding aside, looking at all my previous KS backings, Its quite uncanny how accurate the formula is!

  • PhineusPhule

    Read that Cool Mini had acquired the “Ron & Bones” license after Gen Con last year. Really liked the theme of the original game but was never able to get hold of the minis. Looking forward to what Cool Mini brings to this

    • estrus

      The name Ron & Bones really annoyed me. I like Rum & Bones better. 8p

      Who the hell is Ron anyway? Blackbeard’s lame accountant nephew?

      • PhineusPhule

        The original publisher Tale of War is a Spanish company. Ron= Rum in Spanish. For those interested the original English translation of the rulebook can still be found on board game geek

        • odinsgrandson

          Oh, it was Tale of War? I like their sculpts.

          I’d figure that CMON would be working with them to get the game out. Do we know if they are, or if they bought the IP and will be doing this on their own?

        • estrus

          ah, that makes sense then. thanks. (still hate it tho)

  • I bought long ago most of the miniatures from Ron&Bones… it was a nifty good game. The best of it were the miniatures, combat is “arena” oriented using squares instead of ruler, which I prefer for such game.

    Good thing is there are minis and boards enough for the campaign so, it shouldn’t be delayed much.

    It is great to see such a good number of spanish games being competetive at world scale.

  • axabrax

    They changed the name to Rum and Bones. It’s right there in front of you on the logo. I always thought this game looked cool. I loathe C’Mon in general, but if the KS takes off and becomes a good deal I might buy in…

  • wittdooley

    This actually won’t be using the original style R&B rules. The game will be, for all intents and purposes, League of Legends the miniature game.