CoolMiniOrNot Expo spotlights Battle Foam

By Polar_Bear
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Mar 8th, 2013

CoolMiniOrNot Expo is coming in just a couple months.
We’ve got a lot of great vendors that will be in attendance. One of them is Battle Foam, and trust me, you’ll want to be here to see what they’ve got going on.

For the first 200 people to register for the convention, they’ll be giving away a 20% off coupon for any order after the convention. And that’s just a start.

They’ll also have their product line at the convention, including Dark Age and CMON bags, as well as the special foam trays for CMON products (Super Dungeon Explore, Dark Age, etc) at 10% off during the show. And if they didn’t bring something you wanted, or sold out, you can order it from them while at the show and they’ll give you free shipping for US customers. International orders will get a flat $20 shipping. Now that’s a nice deal.

And for those that may not have known, Battle Foam is also with Outlaw Miniatures, the guys doing Wild West Exodus. They’ll be running demos of the game at the show. Be sure to stop by and see how the game plays. Oh? And those first 200 people to register for the convention? They’ll also get an exclusive Union Lady of the West model.

Now that’s nice.
Be sure to check out everything in their Kickstarter campaign. They’ve unlocked a ton of stuff and still have 10 days to go.

So sign up and get yourself some nice goodies for the show.

And if that weren’t enough (it never is for you people! You’re insatiable!… which is fine) we’re giving away an X-Board Travel Display Board right here, right now (well, you can sign up below for it right now. We’ll do the drawing on Monday). All you have to do is comment below to get your name in the hat.
Small note: the box is a little rough, but the board’s still in perfect shape.

So yeah, sign up and come on out for the party here in Atlanta in May. We’ll be happy to have you.

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    I could use some pointers on painting …plus i could use the display board too

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    Love the Union Lady model! Too bad I can’t make the Con. 🙁

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